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Drone training center for professionals.

DRONE VOLT Academy is a training center dedicated to professional drone pilot training.
Our training centers are located in several regions in France and as well as in different countries. Members of DRONE VOLT Academy comply with a very precise quality charter which allows us to offer high quality training to all our trainees.

Our facilities

Discover all of our DRONE VOLT Academy training centers, in France and abroad.

Training rooms

DRONE VOLT Academy offers pleasant and well-equipped training rooms.

Indoor and outdoor flight center

For the practical training we have open, quiet and pleasant areas. In addition, DRONE VOLT Academy has dedicated areas which makes it possible to provide the best practical training. DRONE VOLT Academy trains its trainees on the latest models of DRONE VOLT and DJI UAVs: Hercules 2, Hercules 10, Hercules 10 spray, Heliplane, Inspector, Hercules 20, Phantom 4 pro, inspire 1 and 2, Matrix 200 and 210, Mavic dual enterprise, Mavic 2… Trainees can also test various payloads: Z30 camera, XT camera, XT1, X5S…

Our training centers

Discover all of our DRONE VOLT Academy training centers, in France and abroad.

Our drone fleet

Discover all our professional drones available at DRONE VOLT Academy.
We train our students on DJI drones for general pilot training. DRONE VOLT Academy has a wide range of DJI drones (Mavic, Mavic Dual Entreprise, Phantom 4 Pro, Matrice 200, Matrice 600, as well as many payloads, Zenmuse XT, Zenmuse XT2, Zenmuse X5S, Zenmuse Z30). We also train our trainees on our professional platforms (Hercules 2, Hercules 10, Hercules 10 Spray, Hercules 20).

Our training

Discover our drone pilot training and our professional training to help you in your missions in various sector of activity.
All our courses include theoretical and practical modules and the study of local “regulations”. You get to fly a drone and perform various maneuvers.

Our students talk about their training at DRONE VOLT Academy

Find out about our students testimonials and experiences.
''This very professional training will serve as a real springboard for trainees looking for a high potential activity. It is very complete, pleasant, rich in advice, practices and discussions. The atmosphere was excellent and each of the participants was able to appreciate the professionalism of the training instructors. A big thank to Bernard, our trainer, for his pedagogy and listening to our user needs. ''