VTOL Hybrid Drone

Ideal solution for photogrammetry and inspection missions

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Long flight time

110 or 210 minutes*.
*Version 240 and 340


Its various compatible payloads make this VTOL an ideal solution for inspection and photogrammetry missions.

Long distance covered

The VTOL can travel up to 300 linear km (version 340) with a wind resistance of 40 km/h.

Lightweight and compact

Dismountable structure for transport in a flight case.
Weight of 4,5 kg (version 240) and 7,4 kg (version 340)

Rapid deployment

VTOL ready to use in 1 minute without tools.

Automatic Missions

Dedicated and intuitive piloting application for the programming of automatic missions.

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The Heliplane LRS no longer needs runways to perform its missions.
The device is available in two sizes:
- 240 (wingspan: 240cm, length: 115 cm)
- 340 (wingspan: 340cm, length: 150cm).

Long lasting, long range

The Heliplane LRS can travel up to 300 linear km (in version 340). Its ability to travel long distances increases the performance of your missions. The transition between vertical and horizontal flight mode is fully automatic.

Interchangeable payloads

The device can carry up to 1 kg of payload (3kg for version 340), with a variety of payloads to cover all your technical needs:
- RGB camera: Sony RX1R II or IcamRGB-61MP
- Thermal camera: IT25-4x or ITC-Duo-40x
- Multispectral camera: MicaSense RedEdge-MX
- Lidar: Riegl Minivux-3UAV

These varied payloads ensure the smooth running of your inspection or photogrammetry missions.


The high quality composite chassis makes the Heliplane extremely resistant to various flight conditions.
It withstands winds up to 40 km / h .

Ultra transportable

The Heliplane LRS is equipped with connectors allowing the rapid assembly and disassembly of the landing gear, without tools, for easy transport in a transport case (50x44x130 cm).


The Heliplane LRS is a VTOL drone which comes in 2 versions and can be used for different types of missions :
Version 240

The 240 version measures 240 cm in wingspan and 115 cm in length.

Its flight time is 110 minutes, allowing it to cover up to 190 linear km.

It can reach the speed of 108 km / h and withstand winds of 36 km / h.

It can carry a payload of 1 kg max (compatible RGB camera: Sony RX1R II, 61 MP RGB camera, IT25-4x thermal camera and RedEdge-MX multispectral camera.

Version 340

The 340 version measures 340 cm wingspan and 150 cm long.
Its flight time is 210 minutes, allowing it to cover up to 300 linear km.
It can reach the speed of 119 km / h and withstand winds of 40 km / h.
It can carry a payload of 3 kg max (compatible RGB Camera: Sony RX1R II, 61 MP RGB camera, IT25-4x thermal camera, RedEdge-MX multispectral camera and miniVUX-3UAV Lidar.


Thermal Camera ITC25-4X
Camera RGB 61MP
Thermal Camera ITC-DUO-40X*

*Version 340 only

Micasense REDEGDE-MX

*Version 340 only


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